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‘The Meg’ Review: Jason Statham Leads a B-movie ‘Jaws’ on Steroids

There’s an argument to be made that all you really need for a halfway decent summer action movie is Jason Statham and something for Jason Statham to punch. Any film that fulfils those basic criteria can’t be all bad. In The Meg, Statham’s target is a 70ft prehistoric shark, or megalodon, hitherto imprisoned under an icy barrier of hydrogen sulphide in an ocean realm deeper than the Mariana Trench. It’s tempting to assume that all fin flicks are direct descendants of the big daddy of them all, Jaws. But The Meg shares as much DNA with the Godzilla tradition of the monster from the deep, awakened by mankind’s hubris and now chucking around submarines like a dog with a chew-toy.

It’s an enjoyable romp, certainly. It’s just a pity that, having secured two such promising key ingredients as Statham and a giant dinosaur fish, the film-makers don’t do more with them. The screenplay feels as though it was assembled from an action-movie dialogue bingo card. In the first 10 minutes alone we get “There’s something out there!”, “Oh my God!”, “We got this!” and “What have you done?”. Statham is the kind of movie star who sweats neat charisma, but in the role of deep-water rescue specialist Jonas Taylor, he is left all at sea by the banality of some of his lines.

ca map

The film certainly gets its money’s worth out of the monster shark – we get numerous thrilling shots of it hurtling towards the camera with the voracious, dead-eyed determination of a Kardashian, and plenty more of the gaping maws of doom looming up behind unwitting kids and animals. However, there’s a slightly shoddy, slapdash attitude to scale that rather undermines its monster-movie credibility.

While we’re on the subject of credibility, there are issues. Retired from the hero business, Jonas finds himself recruited to rescue a disabled submersible launched from a hi-tech marine research station. He saves all but one life. Head researcher Zhang (Winston Chao) warns against celebrating: the operation was not a success, he cautions, “not for science”. Well, quite. Science is definitely the loser in a film that posits that a massive prehistoric shark the size of an oligarch’s yacht can zoom up to surface level from a depth of more than 10,000 meters and not explode into shark tartare from the change in pressure. There are other questions. If it exists in the permanent inky blackness of deep sea, why does it have eyes? Why is it attracted to a recording of whale song when it can’t possibly have encountered a whale at the depth at which it lives?

It’s not quite Sharknado or Mega-shark Versus Giant Octopus level, but The Meg is certainly on the sillier end of the big, dumb shark-movie spectrum. And for world-class stupidity, the crack teams of researchers, divers and assorted megalodon fodder are more than deserving of their place on the bottom of the food chain. One particularly moronic plan involves a wet-suited Statham sneaking up on the monster creature with a harpoon gun because “it probably won’t notice just one man”. Until that man shoots it, of course. There follows a joyfully over-the-top set piece that uses Statham as a human fly-fishing lure.

Another memorably meaty sequence unfolds in a beach resort so crowded with bathers in rubber rings, the sea looks like a giant bowl of Fruity Cheerios. The Meg rocks up to the breakfast buffet, chomping through jet skis and a panicking man in a zorb.

Ultimately, the film can play fast and loose with the laws of deep-water biology all it wants and still be carried by the jaunty charm of its lead actor. Like Dwayne Johnson, Statham is a persuasive action star who is also in on the joke of being an action star. It’s perhaps the key to his appeal. That and the upper-body muscle definition. But what’s harder to bridge is the lack of chemistry between Statham and co-star Li Bingbing, who plays Suyin, the daughter of Zhang, and Jonas’s potential love interest. They are so disparate, it’s almost as though they’re in two separate films – his a bantering geezer-v-fish lark, hers a fraught family melodrama. And while I understand that Hollywood needs to court the lucrative Chinese market to survive, this kind of tonal mashup attempts to serve all audiences but ultimately pleases none.

HBO to co-produce, distribute his dark materials series

His dark substances, a tv series based off the trilogy of Philip Pullman fantasy novels of the identical name, is formally coming to territories outside of the United Kingdom after HBO has joined the project as co-producer and distributor.

As said via closing date, HBO has partnered with the BBC, bad Wolf, and New Line Cinema to co-produce this variation, which presently has an order of two, 8-episode seasons from the BBC. though the BBC still holds distribution rights to the series inside the uk, HBO has acquired international distributions out of doors of the territory.


Filming already started out in advance in September in Wales for the first season of the show, and it’s rumored to be one of the most steeply-priced tv series to ever pop out of the UK.

His dark substances will megastar Dafne keen as Lyra, quality recognized for her role as X-23 in Logan. James McAvoy will play Lord Asriel, Lyra’s organic father, and Ruth Wilson will assume the position of Marisa Coulter, a former lover of Asriel’s. Lin-Manuel Miranda is likewise many of the cast and is gambling the adveneurer Lee Scoresby. other actors confirmed to be inside the series encompass Clarke Peters, Ariyon Bakare, Anne-Marie Duff, Will keen and more.
The series is being directed by means of Tom Hooper and is written by using Jack Thorne. The trilogy of novels the display is primarily based on consists of Northern lighting fixtures, The diffused Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. those unfamiliar with the ones titles may be better familiar with the yank identify of the primary ebook: The Golden Compass. this primary novel has already been tailored right into a 2006 movie of the identical name.

It become introduced that the epic myth trilogy could be adapted for television by the BBC back in 2015, even though pre-manufacturing for the task has lasted for an extended duration than become expected.

HBO has been busy currently, announcing suggests like the Damon Lindelof variation of Watchmen and five potential sport of Thrones spinoff suggests. HBO has also greenlit the Deadwood movie that has been in improvement for an incredibly long term.

Ready Player One Boom For $ 175 Million Action

The equipped player One tells the story of the 12 months 2044, whilst human beings can escape the gloomy real international by using uniting themselves in a simplicity of mind called OASIS.

From right here, Wade Watts appears. He got here to OASIS and took the name of his man or woman Parzival. one day, the founder of Oasis challenged all of the gamers to locate Easter Eggs – Easter eggs. The prize for the winner is the very treasured treasure that he left in the back of. Wade Watts observed the first tips inside the search and started out his adventure. but, Wade Watts quickly finds herself within the vicious circle of mysterious, crazy occasions beneath the umbrella of modern on-line Industries.

Steven Spielberg’s $ one hundred seventy five million Steven Spielberg’s “ready for One” (The digital arena) makes visitors look forward to the modern-day innovations, and entertaines a plethora of interesting cultural statistics. mass. climate exchange, populace growth, social injustice, environmental pollution … the burden of the Earth inside the middle of the twenty-first century ought to buckle and not definitely an area to stay. human beings have to tread in slender slums, or high rise condominiums constructed from pickup cabins.


To remove that fatigue and pessimism, the general public are trying to find joy in OASIS – a digital international in which people can become each person, do anything, or go everywhere. where creativeness can attain. The OASIS space become created by means of computer scientist James Halliday (Mark Rylance) with a whole lot of our on-line world and digital characters stimulated with the aid of a myriad of cinematic and digital games. They have been inside the 1980s.

earlier than leaving Halliday leaves the will that he has hidden the 3 digital keys interior OASIS, and everyone who finds them will take control of the digital global, which means that turning into a master of life. the spirit of the human beings round the sector.

On pinnacle of that, it must be showed that ready participant One is an first-rate visible work. Spielberg offers movie fans a geared up player One, packed with excessive-quit cinematic imagery, with fable scenes like race motors, battles with loads of acquainted characters in movies and video video games.

it is worth mentioning that prepared player One includes a whole lot of complicated movement sequences with rapid pace, dense person, details and abilities. but the movie does now not create confusion.

prepared participant One’s pseudo-fantasy pseudonyms are sure to catch most of the early twentieth-century Steven Spielberg technology-fiction twins, A.I. artificial Intelligence and Minority report (2002).

Crazy Rich Asians Review

Crazy Rich Asians Review. The new hit romcom about an American-born Chinese woman who travels to Singapore for her boyfriend’s best friend’s wedding, and finds out the bf’s family is obscenely rich, and her possible future mother-in-law also doesn’t approve of her at all. The movie stars Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, Chris Pang, Lisa Lu and Ken Jeong. It was directed by Jon M. Chu, written by Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim, and it’s based on the 2013 novel (of the same name) by Kevin Kwan.

The film has gotten almost unanimously positive reviews from critics, and it’s also a surprise hit at the Box Office as well. I think it’s great to see a hit movie starring an entirely minority cast (including a woman of color in the lead), and it’s also nice to see that it’s well made and effective as well. It’s not quite as good as all the hype (and positive reviews) make it out to be though, because it’s a cliched and predictable romcom obviously, but it’s still decent and entertaining enough I’d say.

Crazy Rich Asians Review
Crazy Rich Asians Review

Good: The scenery and setting are gorgeous filled with vibrant colors depicting the wealthy lifestyle of the families. For the most part, the acting is solid, but can get over the top in order to portray extravagantly rich family stereotypes. The film is well paced and the editing helps provide an upbeat and entertaining tone. There are some nods to Asian culture, and the film will resonate with younger as well as older generations.

Bad: There is minimal originality or creativity in the storyline. Some jokes try too hard and end up falling flat. The movie is generic and the story does not differ much from other romantic comedies.

Overall: The film does a solid job with an all Asian cast and provides eye pleasing scenes. The story line is common to other romantic comedies. The main thing making it fresh is the cast and cultural introductions. Asians will be pleased with the humorous winks and appreciate their REPRESENTATION within the movie.

Watch “2018 Garden Celebration” carefully remember the handsome “heavy anesthesia” of the “Tao Ming” Wang Hac De!

In recent days, alongside “Teacher Evaluation” Chu Nhat Long , the actor 9x United Hac De – who plays Director Ming Si in Meteor Garden in 2018 – is a name extremely “hot” in the Mainland. Vuong Hac De became the topic discussed by family members around social networking forums. The public is curious about the grandfather of Wang Hac De, the relationship between the young star with famous Ha Canh, comment on his acting and beauty in the Garden of Ice.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  - Photo 1.

Wong Hac De became the name of a “moth” movie in the most talked about in recent days.

Not only won the media for a week consecutive, Wang Hac De also impressed by the god of “bad boy” with eye-catching appearance. Possessing a height of “1m84” with the style of “cool”, the Great Hegemony is the new god of the new generation on the screen of the Chinese language.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  - Photo 2.

Vuong Hac De has very attractive appearance, always make the opposite person to pay attention to the first.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  - Photo 3.

He has an ideal height, 1m84 with balanced body proportions.

Contrary to our famous Dream Singer, thanks to our beautiful, beautiful, fresh, 100% new face. 2018 is the first movie of the actor born in 1998. Despite his immortal acting experience, Vuong Hac De still easily won the hearts of the fans with their good looks and relatively diverse performances.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  - Photo 4.
See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  - Photo 5.

The image of ordinary life of the Great Crane made people love fever.

The road to the performance of the Great Crane was accidental. The boy was born on December 20, 1998 in Yuexiu, Sichuan graduated from the Institute of Aviation, Southwest. At first he did not purposely pursue acting or entering the entertainment industry. However, owing to his eye-catching looks, Wong Fu is continuously invited by the entertainment companies, movie producers, and enthusiastic. After Youku’s Superstar performance, Wang Hac De officially debuted as an actor.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  - Photo 6.

Wong Hac De first film was assigned the male lead.

Won more than 30,000 applications, Wong Hac De has emerged as the next generation of Pacific Star. Following 2018’s official launch, This is partly why he deserves the lead role in the movie.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 7.
See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  - Photo 8.

Although not very excellent but the performance of the Great Crane is rated as natural, diverse.

Although there are still a few acting segments, the audience should not be too harsh with an amateur young actor who first filmed like Wong Hee. Speaking objectively, Wang Hac De clearly has some expression of the image of a crazy, overbearing and super cool.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 9.

Dao Ming Tu is the guy that every girl at Minh Duc Academy desires.


He is handsome, rich and good at sports.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 11.

“Tao Ming” Wang Hac De own insight.

Where only, Wang Hac De also brought a self A lot of time also cute and naive! When he first fell in love, he tried his best to express his feelings to his girlfriend. For example, taking the cloak of his girlfriend Sam Thai (Jewelry) in front of the school so no one would dare to bully her. Then secretly come visit the house when the girlfriend sick to miss school all day. Then a Daoist self-initiative to reconcile with friends from childhood Flower type with squid ink fish. Contrary to the cold look, A Su is actually a very emotional and sincere man.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 12.

The first time he fell in love with the “bitter” from his girlfriend.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 13.

Feelings when not eat the barbecue fish!

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 14.

Faced with Sam’s disagreement with him!

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 15.

This is the way Minh Minh smirk look “real”.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  - Photo 16.

Here is Xiaojun when going out with girlfriends!

In the next phase of 2018, the audience hopes to witness the explosive moments of male major. When the character Dao Ming Tu began to experience many events in both life and love to gradually mature, mature.

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  - Photo 17.
See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 18.
See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 19.

Some of the scenes in the trailer make viewers believe that the role of the Great Dragon will be even more successful!

See more

Many viewers believe that the Great Heike will surely shine and become more famous in the near future. With excellent appearance and acting so natural, actor 9x will then succeed his elder brother as Jerry Yan, Chau Du Dan to become the god of the screen of thousands of people! 2018, he also participated in other works such as Ministry of Birth, Sure to be Son.

“Bonus” some pictures make fan “blood loss” of the Grand Hegemony:

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 20.

Body model 1m84!

See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  Photo 21.
See "2018 Seongnam Park remember carefully with the handsome anesthetist of the" Tao Ming "Wang Hac De!  - Photo 22.

Passers-by shooting was excellent! The idiot is not joking!

To keep up with this fast-paced male goddess, this is the quickest and most convenient way to watch the 2018 Stardust Park on Hunan TV and Mango TV in the late-night nights of Monday to Wednesday.

As a producer, who brings the film crew to the holiday, the paycheck, for the fasting brothers

The relationship between actors, film crews and producers has always been a sensitive and difficult subject for those in the industry. Because there is a hidden secret between them.

People treat the film group vacation

Anyone who has ever worked in the film crew of Li Hai liked him very much. In part because Li Hai sincerely, honestly, always care about the life of the brothers in the delegation, from the driver, sub machine, design staff, sound, backstage … to the actor. In part because of the film with Ly Hai, the hole was not afraid of salary, let alone the film, Ly Hai made 3 films won 3.

When filming the movie ” Turn 3: Three Guys” , Li Hai promised everyone, if the film wins, he will treat everyone with a vacation. And he kept the word when the film earned 85.5 billion after 8 weeks of release.

As a producer, who brought the film team vacation, the salary, the fasting brother - Photo 1.

Li Hai held a film-making party Face to face. 3. In this party, he donated 3 iPhones for 3 people in the crew team. Not only that, after a month in the US back home, the couple Li Hai – Minh Ha brought a crew of 140 people to Phan Thiet resort

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He said, “The movie grossed $ 85.5 billion, and I did not really believe it, so I turned 3 in Marvel’s blockbuster cinema” The Avenger. ” “100 days with you.” This movie was rated good but not much support from the audience.

Some newspapers have called for support for Vietnamese films, including the mention of Face 3 so everyone thought my movie was dead. At that time I did not dare to announce the revenue, even though the new project is more than a week break even. After over 3 weeks, the film reached 60 billion. The movie stopped showing after 8 weeks with a revenue of 85.5 billion dong.

When the crew closed, I promise everyone to do. I just brought the delegation, 140 people to Phan Thiet three days resort at Ke Ga. From actors to the stage, the design, the sound, the lighting … all of the people who were in the movie together with me, except for some of the actors who were filming on the set . ”

Li Hai also said that the producer of the film and winning the team is quite normal in the job. However, each person has a different way of rewarding.

Manufacturers choose to put money in the envelope and give it to each person, depending on their location, work and contribution to the delegation. Some manufacturers make the party thanks to the film crew. There is producer just “thank you” starring.

For Ly Hai, ” No matter how big or small, the main character or the supporting character, I reward everyone from the back to the driver … anyone who gets into the movie is rewarded with the same . 

As a producer, who brought the film team vacation, the paycheck, for the fasting brothers - Photo 2.

Producer Hoang Than Tai hosted a party thanks to the film crew when the movie aired in early June.

Wages, for the crew of fasting star

However, not everyone can do as Li Hai. Cause, partly due to the film market a few years back “downhill”. The cost of film production has increased dramatically while the selling price has fallen.

Behind a Successful Vietnamese Film: Sad Facts Never Known!

Specifically, the cost of car rental for the film delegation nearly 10 years ago about 16, 17 million, the last few years has increased to 30 million. One rice meal, in the past 15,000 VND, now also 25,000-30,000 VND.

Meanwhile, the price of a day ago ranged from 150 to 250 million / episode now, an average of 100 to 200 million / episode.

Not to mention, some stations purchase raiting films. That is, the film must meet the ratings set by the radio, the new producer is paid. If the film does not have a rating, then the producer loses.

But another reason is not small because the producer did not anticipate the costs incurred so that when the production, financial deficit, not enough money, not mobilized in time to “squeeze which head squeeze” .

There are producers who do not have enough capital, but because of their greed, they should use A to invest in film B. To reduce the cost of film A, they pay low wages, dirty game.

As a producer, who sent the film crew to vacation, who pay the wages, for the fasting brothers - Photo 4.

Oanh of Angel 1001 crying in the movie split. The farewell party was the livestream. According to this livestream, the staff of the Angel 1001 film live very hard because of low salary but also often owed by the producer.

Secondary employee, monthly salary 5 million but also died. Movie salary is 10 million / month but always in the “advance” status. They even set up a crew at 11am for a half day’s salary, and only cooked one meal for the whole group to starve.

Before this story, Ly Hai expressed his thoughts: ” It’s so damn hard to produce a movie as well as build a house, the cost incurred is to take into account. Not only does it affect your health but also your morale.

When they are not treated well, they will slow down. Prolonged filming more than offset losses. The producer is too bad. “

Why the “Secretary Kim?” became the hottest Korean movie ever

The passion for the movie “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” is real. This movie is not only funny and light, but also a creative, deep romantic comedy set in the office.

Park Min Young’s ponytail and Park Seo Joon’s naked shower scene in the movie caught the eye, but there are also eight unique reasons why viewers love the movie.

Parents do not conflict in the affair of the children

Most viewers do not like to watch the series in which the protagonist’s parents often oppose their love relationships and the series has so many unnecessary conflicts that can make viewers tired and bored.

 However, “Kim’s secretary is different, in the regular Korean TV series, there must be 10 episodes that” eats “the audience’s time with conflicts, the violent protests of their parents. about the relationship of the main character. But Lee Young Joon’s parents suggested Kim Mi So’s secretary come to his son.

It is rare to see the parents of a “chaebol” (tycoon) accepting a woman who only knows about her future daughter-in-law. So what is their only anxiety? No grandchildren. So are the viewers happy to watch movies that have parents like parents who will not make it difficult for the children of Lee Young Joon?

Witty dialogue, humor

The reason for that

Undeniably Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young have had interesting chemical interaction that makes the dialogue so witty and lively. Although Lee Young Joon’s Vice-President is always complacent and arrogant, Park Seo Joon has embodied himself in such a way that he can show off his “look” and ” dom.

The reason for that

Kim’s secretary indirectly through the boss to praise and thank himself also makes viewers enjoy. If you are a K-pop fan, you will also find this segment quite familiar, because Big Bang’s youngest brother – Seungri has also indirectly through YG to thank himself.

Strong heroine, know the value of yourself

The reason for that

Kim Mi So’s secretary is not a detective character, anonymous superhero, lawyer or doctor like other dramas. It’s not because we do not love those jobs, but it’s fascinating to see a woman confident in a career as a secretary.

The reason for that

She is always confident with herself and her work. Kim Mi So is aware of the value of himself and does not rely on anyone to do anything. She knows exactly what she wants, and does not hesitate to ask what is worthy of herself.

Friendship is admirable

The reason for that

It is no exaggeration to say that Lee Young Joon’s best friend is Kang Ki Young (Park Yoo Sik). Lee Young Joon is so cruel that audiences do not know whether to keep smiling or being embarrassed for Park Yoo Sik.

In return, Park Yoo Sik is still sarcastic, calling Young Joon “the boss” and giving helpful advice about the relationship that Young Joon is misunderstanding. Yoo Sik is extremely honest and always knows how to motivate his close friend Yong Joon in relation to Kim’s secretary. It can be said, he is a perfect ideal friend, rare fun in Korean movies that always have useful and practical advice. Everyone wants to have a lovely friend like Park Yoo Sik.

These “conspiracies” suddenly and quickly

The reason for that

In the first episode, Kim’s secretary resumes his dismissal and the story develops rapidly through the development of the relationship between Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So.

When Young Joon thought of Kim Mi So’s resignation application and what her 9 years of work meant to him, their relationship immediately had a big turning point.

Cute drawings and sound effects

In addition to the characters in the movie, audiences are also extremely interested in the use of drawings and sound effects in the film. Lee Young Joon’s self-deprecating drawings made it even more laughable for his “sale of work” interviews with Yoo Sik. Similarly, sound effects also increase Mi So’s competitiveness and dignity.

Mysterious dreams and childhood events

The reason for that

Young Joon hates women, but Mi So is the only exception. His nightmares and reactions to waking up show that he is still a lonely, sensitive boy who never gets the love and security he needs.

In addition, Young Joon was not the only one who had mysterious dreams and childhood memories. Recurring nightmares are linked in one way or another so that viewers gain a deeper insight into the character’s mental state and personality.

Lee Young Joon’s humorous attempts at romance

The reason for that


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It’s fun to see how young Joon is so simple and so sweet when Mi So understands the intent of the Vice President, though he is complacent, gruff and rude.

Young Joon’s gifts were so unexpected and unique that the audience kept wondering what he would do nex

‘Her’ plays the villain Joker in his own movie

According to THR , Joaquin Phoenix has completed the negotiation process with Warner Bros.. to play the villain “Joker” in the movie about the origin of this clown.

Joaquin is considered one of the most talented Hollywood actors, best known for her classic films , Her, The Master, Walk the Line. The film will be directed by Todd Phillips ( The Hangover ), written by Scott Silver and produced by Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

Previously, actor Leonardo DiCaprio was considered in the role of Joker but later he withdrew from the project. Phillips said that Phoenix was the best choice.

Tai tu 'Her' plays the role of Joker in the drama series 1
Amateur movies Her – Joaquin Phoenix plays the Joker in the new film.

This is the first role for the comic adaptation of Joaquin Phoenix. Prior to this, he had no affair with Marvel Studios in joining the blockbuster movie universe.

In 2010, Joaquin Phoenix was also considered to play Hulk in the Avengers and as Doctor Strange in the 2016 film but failed. Not only that, Phoenix has rejected the role of villain Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

The Joker movie will be set in the 1980s in Gotham City and not in the DC Universe of Cinema (DCEU). The project was made by Warner Bros. “Turn green light” from mid-2017, will carry more criminal colors than super heroes.

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solarmovie the flash

Tai tu 'Her' plays the role of Joker in the movie 2
The Joker will revolve around the circus villain and bring psychological, criminal rather than superhero movie.

Although Joker’s performance in   Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad was mixed , Warner Bros. is determined to make a personal film about this character.

If nothing changes, the Joker  movie project  will start shooting in September with a production budget of $ 55 million. Joker’s own movie is in the plan to build and expand the DC movie universe in a variety of ways. One of them is to exploit the villains – half prominent and in opposition to their superheroes.

The Joker  will open the door and link many stories to other villains. At the same time, it will also emphasize Joker’s role in the DC Universe that Warner wants to perform in the future.

Tai tu 'Her' plays the role of Joker in the movie 3
The Joker will be a big challenge for Joaquin to get over the shadows of those who have played the role before.

Joker’s role is not a big challenge for Joaquin Phoenix though no one doubts his ability to act. Because of this, Joker’s role has been successfully portrayed by Jack Nicholson in Batman , Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and most recently a breakthrough Joker played by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad.

In particular, Jared Leto will return as Joker in the sequel to Suicide Squadand Joker / Harley Quinn’s own movie directed by Glenn Ficarra. John Requa (Crazy Stupid Love).

In contrast to “Quynh Bup Bê”, the wave movie has a very serious family content

The news of Quynh Bau Bo officially ceased broadcasting on VTV1 is still the focus of TV viewers. According to representatives of Vietnam Television and VFC, the movie “No Happiness at the End of the Road” will be broadcasted by Quynh Bup Bong on VTV1, at 20:50 on Thursdays and Fridays.

In contrast to Quỳnh Búp Bê, the wave film has serious family content - Photo 1.

A scene in the movie “Happiness Is not at the End of the Road”

Happiness at the end of the path is the journey of seeking the happiness of the people who live in the transition. Together through many ups and downs of life, subjected to the impact of a Vietnamese society is moving from the end of the subsidy to the market economy, through the ups and downs, finally the characters in the film have realized that happiness is not the destination but the moment they come.

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The 33-episode drama, which was aired on VTV in 2014. Thus, the wave solution of the radio station at the moment is a film almost the opposite of Quynh Bep Bê: one side is the subject of the commune face-to-face and sensitive, and the other is a serious film about family. Happiness at the End of the Road is also the first film of the revelation of NSND Khai Hung in the role of director. The film has the participation of actors Kieu Anh, Hong Quang, Kieu …

In contrast to Quỳnh Búp Bê, the wave film has a serious family content - Photo 2.