Select the person who fires in 2018 for the age of 1975 Hamlet


The article before the calendar tells you how to choose a foster home in 2018 for 1974’s age, and this article will share more ways to choose a foster home in 2018 for 1975’s Mao.

Home birth in 1975 Mao, destined to Dai Khe Thuy, under the palace of Doai. In 2018, Mau Tuat belonged to the Pacific War, south of the palace of Doai, women of Cung Can. mao When looking at the age of the house, folk often conceive that it is necessary to choose people who have all three elements: the five elements, the decay, the place of birth with the owner’s age and the year of the house. As such, will bring good fortune to the family that year, has flourished more prosperous. If you choose the right person to come home all the year all the business is easy, lucky. So the earthenware is an important part of the day of the New Year. When choosing a homeowner, it is important to note that the person who comes to the house must meet the following criteria: + No illness. + Beautiful scene. + Life is happy. + German temperament, good personality, or say or laugh, easy to calculate. Do not choose people whose homes have just mourned, or pregnant women coming to the house are taboos. Finally, to choose the age of the person who can go to the house, the age appropriate to the age of home owner in 1975 Mao that is: – Person born in 1950 Tiger, rated 9/12 points. – Man in 1963, estimated 9/12 points. – Person who was born in 1958 Mau Tuat, rated 9/12 points.

In addition, you can choose the age of 1982, 1980, 1973, 1951, 1983, 1975, 1970 all reached 8/12 points can come home to the owner.

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