As a producer, who brings the film crew to the holiday, the paycheck, for the fasting brothers

The relationship between actors, film crews and producers has always been a sensitive and difficult subject for those in the industry. Because there is a hidden secret between them.

People treat the film group vacation

Anyone who has ever worked in the film crew of Li Hai liked him very much. In part because Li Hai sincerely, honestly, always care about the life of the brothers in the delegation, from the driver, sub machine, design staff, sound, backstage … to the actor. In part because of the film with Ly Hai, the hole was not afraid of salary, let alone the film, Ly Hai made 3 films won 3.

When filming the movie ” Turn 3: Three Guys” , Li Hai promised everyone, if the film wins, he will treat everyone with a vacation. And he kept the word when the film earned 85.5 billion after 8 weeks of release.

As a producer, who brought the film team vacation, the salary, the fasting brother - Photo 1.

Li Hai held a film-making party Face to face. 3. In this party, he donated 3 iPhones for 3 people in the crew team. Not only that, after a month in the US back home, the couple Li Hai – Minh Ha brought a crew of 140 people to Phan Thiet resort

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He said, “The movie grossed $ 85.5 billion, and I did not really believe it, so I turned 3 in Marvel’s blockbuster cinema” The Avenger. ” “100 days with you.” This movie was rated good but not much support from the audience.

Some newspapers have called for support for Vietnamese films, including the mention of Face 3 so everyone thought my movie was dead. At that time I did not dare to announce the revenue, even though the new project is more than a week break even. After over 3 weeks, the film reached 60 billion. The movie stopped showing after 8 weeks with a revenue of 85.5 billion dong.

When the crew closed, I promise everyone to do. I just brought the delegation, 140 people to Phan Thiet three days resort at Ke Ga. From actors to the stage, the design, the sound, the lighting … all of the people who were in the movie together with me, except for some of the actors who were filming on the set . ”

Li Hai also said that the producer of the film and winning the team is quite normal in the job. However, each person has a different way of rewarding.

Manufacturers choose to put money in the envelope and give it to each person, depending on their location, work and contribution to the delegation. Some manufacturers make the party thanks to the film crew. There is producer just “thank you” starring.

For Ly Hai, ” No matter how big or small, the main character or the supporting character, I reward everyone from the back to the driver … anyone who gets into the movie is rewarded with the same . 

As a producer, who brought the film team vacation, the paycheck, for the fasting brothers - Photo 2.

Producer Hoang Than Tai hosted a party thanks to the film crew when the movie aired in early June.

Wages, for the crew of fasting star

However, not everyone can do as Li Hai. Cause, partly due to the film market a few years back “downhill”. The cost of film production has increased dramatically while the selling price has fallen.

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Specifically, the cost of car rental for the film delegation nearly 10 years ago about 16, 17 million, the last few years has increased to 30 million. One rice meal, in the past 15,000 VND, now also 25,000-30,000 VND.

Meanwhile, the price of a day ago ranged from 150 to 250 million / episode now, an average of 100 to 200 million / episode.

Not to mention, some stations purchase raiting films. That is, the film must meet the ratings set by the radio, the new producer is paid. If the film does not have a rating, then the producer loses.

But another reason is not small because the producer did not anticipate the costs incurred so that when the production, financial deficit, not enough money, not mobilized in time to “squeeze which head squeeze” .

There are producers who do not have enough capital, but because of their greed, they should use A to invest in film B. To reduce the cost of film A, they pay low wages, dirty game.

As a producer, who sent the film crew to vacation, who pay the wages, for the fasting brothers - Photo 4.

Oanh of Angel 1001 crying in the movie split. The farewell party was the livestream. According to this livestream, the staff of the Angel 1001 film live very hard because of low salary but also often owed by the producer.

Secondary employee, monthly salary 5 million but also died. Movie salary is 10 million / month but always in the “advance” status. They even set up a crew at 11am for a half day’s salary, and only cooked one meal for the whole group to starve.

Before this story, Ly Hai expressed his thoughts: ” It’s so damn hard to produce a movie as well as build a house, the cost incurred is to take into account. Not only does it affect your health but also your morale.

When they are not treated well, they will slow down. Prolonged filming more than offset losses. The producer is too bad. “