Why the “Secretary Kim?” became the hottest Korean movie ever

The passion for the movie “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” is real. This movie is not only funny and light, but also a creative, deep romantic comedy set in the office.

Park Min Young’s ponytail and Park Seo Joon’s naked shower scene in the movie caught the eye, but there are also eight unique reasons why viewers love the movie.

Parents do not conflict in the affair of the children

Most viewers do not like to watch the series in which the protagonist’s parents often oppose their love relationships and the series has so many unnecessary conflicts that can make viewers tired and bored.

 However, “Kim’s secretary is different, in the regular Korean TV series, there must be 10 episodes that” eats “the audience’s time with conflicts, the violent protests of their parents. about the relationship of the main character. But Lee Young Joon’s parents suggested Kim Mi So’s secretary come to his son.

It is rare to see the parents of a “chaebol” (tycoon) accepting a woman who only knows about her future daughter-in-law. So what is their only anxiety? No grandchildren. So are the viewers happy to watch movies that have parents like parents who will not make it difficult for the children of Lee Young Joon?

Witty dialogue, humor

The reason for that

Undeniably Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young have had interesting chemical interaction that makes the dialogue so witty and lively. Although Lee Young Joon’s Vice-President is always complacent and arrogant, Park Seo Joon has embodied himself in such a way that he can show off his “look” and ” dom.

The reason for that

Kim’s secretary indirectly through the boss to praise and thank himself also makes viewers enjoy. If you are a K-pop fan, you will also find this segment quite familiar, because Big Bang’s youngest brother – Seungri has also indirectly through YG to thank himself.

Strong heroine, know the value of yourself

The reason for that

Kim Mi So’s secretary is not a detective character, anonymous superhero, lawyer or doctor like other dramas. It’s not because we do not love those jobs, but it’s fascinating to see a woman confident in a career as a secretary.

The reason for that

She is always confident with herself and her work. Kim Mi So is aware of the value of himself and does not rely on anyone to do anything. She knows exactly what she wants, and does not hesitate to ask what is worthy of herself.

Friendship is admirable

The reason for that

It is no exaggeration to say that Lee Young Joon’s best friend is Kang Ki Young (Park Yoo Sik). Lee Young Joon is so cruel that audiences do not know whether to keep smiling or being embarrassed for Park Yoo Sik.

In return, Park Yoo Sik is still sarcastic, calling Young Joon “the boss” and giving helpful advice about the relationship that Young Joon is misunderstanding. Yoo Sik is extremely honest and always knows how to motivate his close friend Yong Joon in relation to Kim’s secretary. It can be said, he is a perfect ideal friend, rare fun in Korean movies that always have useful and practical advice. Everyone wants to have a lovely friend like Park Yoo Sik.

These “conspiracies” suddenly and quickly

The reason for that

In the first episode, Kim’s secretary resumes his dismissal and the story develops rapidly through the development of the relationship between Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So.

When Young Joon thought of Kim Mi So’s resignation application and what her 9 years of work meant to him, their relationship immediately had a big turning point.

Cute drawings and sound effects

In addition to the characters in the movie, audiences are also extremely interested in the use of drawings and sound effects in the film. Lee Young Joon’s self-deprecating drawings made it even more laughable for his “sale of work” interviews with Yoo Sik. Similarly, sound effects also increase Mi So’s competitiveness and dignity.

Mysterious dreams and childhood events

The reason for that

Young Joon hates women, but Mi So is the only exception. His nightmares and reactions to waking up show that he is still a lonely, sensitive boy who never gets the love and security he needs.

In addition, Young Joon was not the only one who had mysterious dreams and childhood memories. Recurring nightmares are linked in one way or another so that viewers gain a deeper insight into the character’s mental state and personality.

Lee Young Joon’s humorous attempts at romance

The reason for that


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It’s fun to see how young Joon is so simple and so sweet when Mi So understands the intent of the Vice President, though he is complacent, gruff and rude.

Young Joon’s gifts were so unexpected and unique that the audience kept wondering what he would do nex